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Validate your document.

Purchase Tokens

Acquire tokens and exchange them for signatures, time stamps and digital document storage.

Sign contracts

Sign contracts and add Blockchain technology to strengthen security.

How does contract signing work?

Create a new Contract or Document, add the main document and related attachments, add signers to the document, and once they have signed, you can register the document on the Blockchain.

Stamp documents

Stamp documents or contracts with Blockchain technology's timestamp.

How does the timestamp work?

Create a new Time Stamp, add the main document and related attachments, register the document on the Blockchain to obtain a Certain Date or Proof of Existence and Integrity.

Store documents

Store documents with the world's most secure and reliable technology.

How does storage work?

Once you have created your Contract, Document or Time Stamp, store it on the platform for as long as necessary. The records will be permanent and verifiable.

Sign from your mobile

If you choose to sign your document with an advanced electronic signature, you can also do it through your mobile device, you just need to have the necessary files on your it.

Blockchain Features

Our platform leverages the features of Blockchain to guarantee the integrity, certain date or proof of existence and security of your documents.


The digital footprint of your document is stored with Blockchain and can be used to validate that your document has not been altered.

Time Stamp

By storing the information of your document with Blockchain, a timestamp will be obtained that cannot be modified by anyone.


The record of your document is stored in thousands of nodes of the Blockchain network that do not depend on any central authority.

Add Certain Date or Proof of Existence to your documents

The certain date validates that the document existed at a specific moment, using blockchain technology.

How does the Time Stamp work in Contractualis?

Whenever you sign a contract or document with Contractualis, a Blockchain certain date or proof of the existence will be included by stamping the Time Stamp.
If you have a document that has already been signed on paper, you can stamp a Blockchain certain date or proof of the existence, through our Time Stamp service.
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What benefits do you get when you create your account?

By registering on our platform you get the following free benefits:

3 Tokens

To sign your documents or contracts, or add a time stamp to them.

250 MB of Storage for 1 year

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Get the Audit Trail or Audit Log

Reflects the history of a document completed in Contractualis, indicating the date and time of each event.

What´s the Audit Trail or Audit Log?